ВНИМАНИЮ УЧЕНЫХ ОНУ!!! Техасский научный институт осуществляет поиск
разработчиков нейтронного генератора.

Project Title:
Design of a Rugged Neutron Generator
Project Description:
Our customer is looking to design an updated neutron generator for use
in oil&gas drilling. The device is sent downhole and must be no
larger than the existing tool (1.375″ in diameter and 56″ in length).
The initial goals for the neutron generator are: — High neutron output
(400M neutron/s)

  •  Small outer diameter (<1″)
  •  Fast response time (< 500ns)
  •  Temperature stability to 205°C
  •  Lifetime of 1000+ hours at downhole conditions

The ultimate solution will also be rugged and able to withstand
vibration qualification and operate for 1000+ hours at conditions up
to 220°C and 30,000 psi. The rugged version can have a maximum out
diameter of 2″.

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Май 24, 2012
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