1. The tasks of Innovation office of ONU correspond to its mission of serving as a regional hub for innovation activities linking local actors to international innovation knowledge networks.

1.1. To provide the services of technology transfer, innovative activity and intellectual property management within ONU partnership network of university research staff and local business clusters, that corresponds to the acting legislation and international agreements on these issues.
1.2. To introduce the up-to-date management system for the ONU intangible assets, patents and intellectual property. The system includes legal support, database management, financial estimation, project management support, consultations and information support, negotiation arrangements.
1.3. To increase the rate of successful implementations of the results of scientific, technical and research activity of ONU by better preparation and adaption of innovations for commercialization use
1.4. To provide necessary expertise in assessing innovation activities for their commercial and social perspectives on local, national and international levels within all stages of innovation development lifecycle search.
1.5. To provide appropriate management of intellectual property rights for knowledge, know-how and innovations, developed within ONU and its partners.

2. To reach the above mentioned purposes the Innovation office fulfills the following functions:

2.1. Analytical function:

Finds out the market needs in the objects of intellectual property rights of ONU, searches the potential partners, who are interested in knowledge and technology transfer from ONU, as well as the customers for the results of scientific, technical and research activity of ONU, takes part in the search of potential investors for financing the operations of the transformation the objects of intellectual property right (intangible asset) to the of pilot product (tangible asset).
Creates, manages and updates the database of ONU results of scientific, technical and research activity, intangible assets, patents and other intellectual property of ONU, determine and supervise confidential issues.
Together with ONU “Scientific and Research Section” conducts the analysis of the planned researches and makes forecasts of their results from the point of view of their possible interest for the potential customers and partners and in order to define their perspectives of commercialization, as well as evaluate their legal security in Ukraine and in the foreign countries.

2.2. Commercial and consultative function:

Support commercialization of the objects of intellectual property rights of ONU, in Ukraine and abroad, including: advertising of scientific and innovative potential of the results of ONU scientific, technical and research activity; putting contacts with enterprises; analysis of commercial suggestions from potential licensees and investors; conclusion of agreements for intellectual property management; development of the drafts of the statute documents for spin-offs and other units, created by ONU for realization the objects of intellectual property rights.
Consults ONU insiders (staff, students and postgraduate students) and gives the, practical support and help in the realization by them their property rights on the objects of intellectual property rights and in the receipt by them the privileges, rewards and fees, commissions, foreseen by the legal acts of Ukraine and ONU, including copyrights, inventors’ rights, etc. for the use of the objects of their intellectual property, created by them during the implementation of labor contract duties and obligations.
Takes the part in development, preparation, negotiation and control after implementation the contracts and agreements in the field of intellectual property between ONU staff and knowledge and technology transfer customers.

2.3. Collaborative and integrative function:

Organizes workshops, seminars, trainings and other studying events to enhance the qualification of ONU insiders (staff, students and postgraduate students) in the field of intellectual property management, in particular civilized commercialization.
Prepares suggestions to classify the certain results of scientific, technical, research and other information to be confidential.
Develop the recommendations in relation to the possibility of the results of ONU scientific, technical and research activity public publishing, use, dissemination, exhibition, transfer, putting to the databases and other forms of information with the free access.
Develops the suggestion regarding participation in international cooperation in the sphere of intellectual property within the framework of the international programs, projects and professional associations, takes part in execution of these programs and projects.

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